Show Of Hands features StoryPeople by Brian Andreas. Denver has many art galleries, art walks and an internationally renowned art museum. Our art gallery features unique handmade art and has classes so that you can make art that expresses your inner artist. There are classes for children and adults alike. We also feature artists that make intriguing art that is one of a kind. StoryPeople by Brian Andreas is a unique brand, spanning many different products.

Telling Stories Through Art

Brian Andreas created StoryPeople to make art that tells stories of people with a variety of products. He draws and paints and then transfers these items onto paintings, wrist wraps, photo frames, holiday ornaments, books, cards, calendars, and magnets. All of his artwork tells a story that expresses not only Brian but the people around him. StoryPeople, through art, expresses the many emotions that we feel. Some of the topics that he covers in his art and message are love, freedom and the illusion of control.

The Perfect Gift

We feature Brian Andreas’ artwork, StoryPeople, in our gallery and sell his products for those who want to show the story that the art expresses. StoryPeople products are distinctive and send a message with everyone you purchase, especially if purchased as a gift for someone special. The stories can be sent to wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, children, family and other friends. Not everyone appreciates art but for those who do you have found a way to keep the beauty alive especially when you gift art.