Houston Llew Spiritiles

At the Show Of Hands gallery in downtown Denver, we are excited to be able to place the beautiful works of Houston Llew in our artist spotlight. An enamel artist, Houston’s unique collection of Spiritiles are inspired pieces of original art. These pieces draw you in with the vibrant essence and individual expression captured within each one.

Houston Llew’s Unique Glass Art

Working with molten glass on copper and wood, each Spiritile is produced aesthetically according the ratios of the Golden Mean. These made-by-hand pieces are created by applying layers of finely ground glass to one side of the metal to produce each inspired image. Each piece is then fired one time after which Houston produces crazing marks in the glass with the use of a rolling pin to produce a beautifully textured work of art.

Give The Gift Of Expression

Each piece centers on one evocative and brilliant moment of life. That’s why these seasonal collections resonate so deeply with so many. Alone as a single piece they are a beautiful addition to any room; as a set, they are a delightful way to reflect your own life and personality as a representational “story”.

Highly collectible, these unique art gifts are positive and inspirational. Each Spiritile includes a thought-provoking quote along the visible side for a reminder to pause and appreciate the levity and beauty of life.

Spiritiles can hang on a wall or stand alone, and while other forms of art may not withstand certain environments, these Spiritiles never fade or tarnish. Each Spiritile measures 5 ¼” x 8 ½” x 1 ¾” and weighs three pounds.

Creativity On Display

Show Of Hands in Denver has a long history of highlighting unique works of art like the ones created by Houston Llew. Not only does your appreciation for beautiful art benefit yourself and those in your life, but it also helps ensure that artisans and craftspeople will continue to have a space to share their life work with the world.

Come explore the wide array of art we have on display in our downtown Denver gallery, and gift yourself or a loved one with a piece that will last a lifetime.