HOURS: MON-SAT 10am to 6pm / SUN 11am to 4pm
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      Show of Hands was created in 1983 by members of the Boulder Arts & Crafts Co-Op, who wanted to bring Handmade American Craft to Denver. They opened our first location at the corner of 3rd & Columbine (now a Starbucks). Show of Hands called that corner home for about 18 years until it moved to 210 Clayton Street, under the ownership of Deb & Douglas. It was at the Clayton Street location when Katie Friedland began working part-time for the store in 2004.

      In 2011, it was time to pass Show of Hands on to someone new, and Katie took over the business as the owner. Show of Hands remained at 210 Clayton until the summer of 2018. With property tax rates on the rise, we faced the hard decision to move to a smaller space. With the support of our landlord and friends in the neighborhood, Show of Hands made the move to 250 Columbine Street. This new space was half the size of 210 Clayton and a huge adjustment for everyone, but with a little imagination and a lot of squishing, 250 Columbine became our new home.

      We called Columbine Street home for over five years. The residents upstairs (and their dogs) became like family. We survived the COVID shutdown thanks to the support of our neighbors, longtime customers, and our new, small space. In Fall 2021, as we were celebrating the potential of a vaccinated holiday season, Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everything stopped, and once again, our neighbors and longtime customers supported us as Katie stepped away from the store for cancer treatment.

      Fast forward to Summer 2023. Katie is back and healthy but faces a new challenge. Four years post-COVID, and Show of Hands needed more space! Finally - a good problem! Thanks to the assistance of so many wonderful people, 200 Fillmore St, #101, is our new home. If you remember "the old Show of Hands," you will love this new space.