Artist Spotlight

  • Houston Llew Spiritiles

    Show Of Hands in Denver has a long history of highlighting unique works of art like the ones created by Houston Llew. Not only does your appreciation for beautiful art benefit yourself and those in your life, but it also helps ensure that artisans and craftspeople will continue to have a space to share their life work with the world.

    Come explore the wide array of art we have on display in our downtown Denver gallery, and gift yourself or a loved one with a piece that will last a lifetime.

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  • Ayala Bar Jewelry

    These pieces are an explosion of creative freedom that abandons all convention. Each artistic assemblage is a conversation starter which truly sets Ayala Bar apart from other jewelry designers. Show of Hands Gallery has been bringing Denver unique, one of a kind art for over 32 years. Visit our Cherry Creek showroom to experience Ayala Bar’s exquisite 2015 Fall and winter jewelry collection for yourself. View Post
  • Sticks Object Art and Furniture

    While a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing Sticks art in person is worth much more than that. Come to the Show of Hands Gallery in Denver and see this artwork, home decor, and furniture for yourself. Let us help you customize some Sticks art for your home today. View Post
  • The Moore Family Folk Art

    A Moore Family Folk Art piece is sure to brighten any room in your home. It is like a bit of sunshine for your wall. If you don’t find exactly what you want hanging at Show of Hands, you can commission Alan to make a custom design, or learn to make one yourself by attending Alan’s workshop. To experience in person the engaging folk art of The Moore Family, visit the Show of Hands Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Stop in and pick up your bit of sunshine today. View Post
  • Tana Acton

    We are thrilled to offer you the jewelry of Tana Acton. Our friendly and personable staff will be able to assist in picking out a unique piece. Whether it’s for a gift or your personal collection Tana Acton designs are incredible, bold pieces. Come in today to see Tana Acton’s fantastic designs at Show of Hands in Denver Colorado. View Post
  • Jellycat

    The sweet faces and soft fur of these crazy critters make for unique gifts for many occasions such as baby showers and birthdays. Anytime you want to send someone kind thoughts, or a hug is a perfect time for a Jellycat soft toy. The following furry friends are just waiting to be added to someone’s collection: View Post
  • StoryPeople

    We feature Brian Andreas’ artwork, StoryPeople, in our gallery and sell his products for those who want to show the story that the art expresses. StoryPeople products are distinctive and send a message with everyone you purchase, especially if purchased as a gift for someone special. The stories can be sent to wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, children, family and other friends. Not everyone appreciates art but for those who do you have found a way to keep the beauty alive especially when you gift art. View Post
  • Maruca Designs

    Stop by Show of Hands art gallery in Denver today for a vibrant selection of Maruca Designs handbags. Relaxed comfort meets thoughtful textile and design in each pouch, tote, and sling. We look forward to showing you where art meets every day with these clever bags. Whether you are shopping for a gift or for yourself, we make it easy to shop artisan, local, and one of a kind. View Post