Tana Acton

Show of Hands in Denver, Colorado is pleased to present the exquisite and bold pieces of Tana Acton. These pieces are sure to be a unique and treasured part of your ensemble. A variety of beautiful collections showcases Tana Acton’s talents. These pieces of jewelry are true works of art and an excellent addition to any collection. Whether as a gift or for yourself.

Available At Show Of Hands

There are a variety of incredible pieces available in a variety of designs and multiple collections by Tana Acton. Each is unique in its creation and originality. Tana Acton Jewelry makes for a unique gift no matter what the circumstance. The classic bold, beautiful designs are eye catching and timeless in their beauty.

How Does Tana Acton Create Her Pieces?

Each piece is crafted from a single filament of precious metal, sterling silver, and 12k gold-filled copper. Tana Acton then takes the filament and wraps it on a structure similar to a loom used for fabric. Her unique and beautiful designs have multi-dimensional elements. Each piece is gorgeous and crafted with precision. The stand alone quality of the pieces is worth seeing in person and checking out at our gallery and gift shop.