Show of Hands Gallery in Denver, CO, is pleased to showcase the art of Sticks. Sticks was started by an American folk artist whose company makes one of a kind art. We are excited to offer this handcrafted art. Each pieces is handmade using poplar, birch, and driftwood.

Modest Beginning

Sticks had a modest beginning. Artist Sarah Grant began designing ornaments and other small items in 1992. This company has now grown to include a design team of professional artisans who create wooden art that is accented with hand-drawn images, vibrant paint colors, and etched contouring. Show of Hands Gallery is the only distributor of Sticks art in Denver.

Sticks Style

Art by Sticks has a unique style that has received national acclaim. Sticks was selected as the Iowa artist for National Craft Week in their first ever Masterpiece online gallery. They have designed furniture of companies like Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters. Their pieces have a magical, whimsical quality. Their art is designed to tell a story.